I had an early version of the Fitbit that is now a permanent feature on my left wrist, many years back, which just about tracked my steps, and erratically my sleep patterns, too. It was bright blue and I had to stop wearing it when George Osbourne – then Chancellor – started sporting an identical one to Prime Minister’s Questions. By rights then, I can’t ever go to Wilderness Festival again. A fixture of my summers for the past five years, a place where the costumes are as outlandish as the landscape is beautiful, and the chefs are as famous as the singers on the main stage, it’s my version of the ideal festival. Except this year, David Cameron rocked up and suddenly the world’s chicest, prettiest weekender didn’t feel quite so cool. Still, he looked pretty glum in all the photos that rapidly made their way around the internet (who knows how, I had zero phone reception all weekend), so if the former PM wasn’t enjoying himself, then maybe I can justify going again next summer. Petersham Nurseries in the wild. #worldsmostmiddleclassfestival #worldsbestsummerpudding #vatsofwinejustoutofview Before three nights in a campervan, one night of luxury at The Pig. #anyexcusetostaythere #interiorsbliss #foodcoma (A quick glance at Google Maps will avail you of the knowledge that The Pig hotel is no-where near Wilderness Festival, but as a general rule I need very few actual reasons to stay there, geography included. Besides, I don’t have a bath in my flat in London, and their baths are the best – possibly not the most economically prudent way to get clean, but given the subsequent three days involved showering in a field, I like to think it was justified.) Like what you just read? Follow Carla on Twitter and Instagram. The post My week in pictures: Dodging Dave at Wilderness Festival appeared first on WGSN Insider. http://ift.tt/2vWfYDU

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