We caught up with Tatler’s Head of Generation T Asia, Tamara Lamunière, to get the lowdown on the magazine’s content initiative ahead of its sophomore year China list release. Could you share with us the background of launching the Generation T project? Tatler has always been a brand that celebrates the accomplishment and successes of individuals who greatly shape society. We feature people who are influential, prominent, at the zenith of their careers, may it be in business, charity, fashion or other areas. But this society at its core is changing. People’s needs, values, attitudes, habits in consuming media, expectations for content and events, have been redefined by the digital age. In an effort to remain relevant and significant for this new audience, we launched Generation T. Generation T refers to an audience of young, digitally-savvy, entrepreneurial, global citizens who show potential to one day be the movers and shakers of society. We created this platform for these future leaders to connect, learn, collaborate and grow. In 2016, Generation T was launched in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and the Philippines in the form of a list identifying top young talents. In 2017, we are not only expanding this list to all 8 markets where Tatler is present (including China, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia), we also expanded the platform to cover content, such as a dedicated online channel on the Tatler websites and event experiences. What makes Generation T different from other list or platform for young elites? Most communities are business and industry-focused. The strength of the Generation T community is in its diversity. Also, we see that societies of the future will be defined by how dynamic and multi-faceted it is, so we embrace this dynamism by looking at the different cross sections of society: tech is all the buzzword these days but we look beyond that to F&B, retail, fashion, hospitality, sports, entertainment and more. We also have a very strong social component: Gen T-er’s, as we like to call them, value giving back to society. Success for them is more than just about money, it’s about having purpose in what you do. So you’ll also see a number of social entrepreneurs on the list. Gen T as a brand also heavily supports philanthropic and environmental initiatives: for example, in Malaysia, we are building two homes with the Gen T community for the Orang Asli, an indigenous tribal community, and in Hong Kong, have planted trees all along the Dong Jiang river, which is its the primary water source. What are the key elements that make up Generation T’s DNA? Passion, purpose and potential are the three key words that describe Gen T. What impressed you most when you prepared 2017 Generation T? How young everyone is (most are between 25-35) for the level of success they have reached at their age. Another thing that impress me is that you can’t really categorise these individuals anymore – these young talents are so dynamic that their interests can range from music to tech startups to food – it’s truly a new era of entrepreneurs. It will be so exciting to see what changes they will bring to their societies in 5-10 years’ time. What do you hope to see of Generation T in the near future? Our vision is to shape and empower future Asian leaders. For more check out Tatler’s Generation T lists across across Asia in China (whose 2017 list will be released in late August), Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Taiwan. The post Must Read: Tatler’s Generation T Project celebrates rising talent in Asia appeared first on WGSN Insider. http://ift.tt/2uGzQ8M

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