The KBIS Collection on Modenus offers year round visibility to KBIS Exhibitors Modenus is proud to announce a second year of the KBIS Collection on which offers verified KBIS 2018 exhibitors the opportunity to showcase products and a company profile on the Modenus Design Directory and be part of a regular #KBISCollection feature on Modenus social media channels on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. The program is free to exhibitors and offers the following benefits: Manufacturer profile with complete contact information and live link to website Upload of up to ten products and unlimited detail images per product Unlimited uploads to document and video library Trade-only selector to display sensitive information for vetted design pros only Active Brandfollow ™ feature so your site followers can receive an email digest every time you edit /add products. Featured under separately searchable KBIS Collection link on Modenus #KBISCollection share of your profile on Modenus social media platforms 25% KBIS Exclusive discount on premium memberships which include unlimited product uploads, premium site placement, monthly e-blast inclusion, social media promotions and more ALREADY REGISTERED? Log in now or contact us at for help NEED TO REGISTER? Contact us at for your pre-approved link Follow Modenus at @modenus on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest



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