DXV raises the bar….AGAIN! Welcome to #ProjectDXV Design professionals are busy people. Their work is about so much more than picking pretty colors.It is about managing projects, timelines and budgets. It is about meeting and exceeding client expectations. And it is about marketing, business management, research and continuing education.When you take stock of all responsibilities that go into each and every design project, it seems like a little help from a friend would be appreciated. Enter our friends at DXV. You’ll already know DXV from the incredibly popular #DXVDesignPanel which, each year, offers four designers or design teams the opportunity to create the most imaginative spaces that then become the national shelter magazine ad campaign for DXV. That’s a very serious leg up for any designer. And now, DXV is back – this time with #ProjectDXV, not a contest but a partnership of sorts that rewards the 14 best DXV projects, kitchen or bath, by providing up to $2500 for professional photography. For details on this seriously cool opportunity and to enter your project HEAD OVER TO DXV

from Umbelas.com http://ift.tt/1Ioewak


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