If your tastes skew more towards a minimalism laid back aesthetic, then you might want to turn away now. This is an article for the fans of print, colour and pattern. We’ve rounded up a wave of London stores that celebrate bold design, from patterned footwear to interiors. Check out the stores below, and get inspired. anewtribe The brand’s tagline is: Eclectic Objects for Modern Lives, and we couldn’t agree more. From ceramic pitchers to Moroccan Berber rugs guaranteed to jazz up any living room, this store has it all. A New Tribe, which opened last spring is the modern day antidote to Ikea. Also the curation makes it look as if you travelled the world, picking up all the best pieces (without having to do the hard work). saira shoes summer styles Saira Shoes Footwear that is a little daring, that’s what Saira shoes specialize in. The independent brand (which means happy) just launched its first pop-up store in London at 189 Shoreditch High St until the end of September. The brand founded by designer Aditi (an alum of St Martin’s college, London) embraces a wide range of colours and textiles that celebrate her Indian heritage. The point of the brand: to make shoes fun and memorable again. Talitha Not your average womenswear store, Talitha just opened up in London’s Notting Hill, and the best bit? You can shop everything inside. From the fashion to the lifestyle products, they are all available for purchase (yes, even that side table and lamp is for sale) . And, better yet, the instore styling looks like something straight off your Pinterest board. The post 3 London stores that will feed your print and pattern habit appeared first on WGSN Insider. http://ift.tt/2vG7vn8

from Umbelas.com http://ift.tt/1Ioewak


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