It’s fair to say that when you think of print and pattern in the fashion world, Orla Kiely comes to mind as one of the top five names you think of. One of the UK and Ireland’s most successful designers, she’s known for the dazzling way she uses graphic prints on everything from accessories to ready-to-wear. Her runway shows are always a delight whether she’s playing with animal motifs or prints inspired by school notebooks. And now, a brand new Orla Kiely exhibition called: Orla Kiely A Life in Pattern is coming to London’s Fashion & Textile Museum. It will explore how she uses print and pattern to transform the way we feel. The exhibition will feature over 150 patterns and products, as well as collaborations with photographers, film directors and architects, with a special focus on the role of ornament and colour in our everyday lives. Orla Kiely, Founder of Orla Kiely said: “It is an honour to announce our first ever exhibition at the Fashion and Textile Museum. Over the past 20 years we have built an archive of fashion, accessories and homeware rooted in our signature style. With the exhibition, we will be bringing it all together under one roof in a celebration of design, print and colour that has become the Orla Kiely brand. It is very exciting and an enormous privilege through which we can show the dynamic power of design while looking positively to the future with a clear vision and global identity established.” Visitors can expect to see original paper sketches for the trademark ‘Stem’ graphic, created in the 1990s. Plus prototypes for her early signature bags and the evolution of the iconic ‘Pear’ and ‘Flower’ designs. Visitors will also get to see what inspires Orla to create her famous designs, how she works to create the products we see, and why she’s so fascinated with pattern. This exhibition is one for design fans and fashion fans alike. Celia Joicey, Head of the Fashion and Textile Museum said: “I am thrilled to announce next summer’s Orla Kiely exhibition, which will offer a privileged insight into the designer’s world and her outstanding facility for the rhythms and repeats of pattern. The Fashion and Textile Museum has a long tradition of working with women designers, and this comprehensive exhibition will show how the development of Orla Kiely’s sensibility for colour, harmony and form has enabled the global reach of her style.” The post Orla Kiely exhibition coming to London’s Fashion & Textile Museum appeared first on WGSN Insider.



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