Designers reinvigorated summer dressing for all occasions this season. And so, if you are looking to inject a little more energy into your wardrobe, take your cue from the Pre-Summer 2018 shows, as dissected by our youth editor Marian Park. For the main site subscribers she’s put together an in-depth report on the Key Trends Pre-Summer 18: Young Women’s Apparel (subscribers check it out here), and for the WGSN Insider blog she’s called out three fashion tribes that you are guaranteed to see this summer. 1.Sunset Wanderers Summer festival style is influenced by Western themes. Think carefree bohemians, outdoor festivals, bikers by the beach; we toy with these summer ideals year after year, but this time we take note of the dual roles in the Wild Wild West: the damsel and the cowboy. Summer festival style 2. Sportleisure Athleisure has evolved to become more track sport-savvy, with the studio-to-sreet lifestyle encapsulated in streamlined knits and feminine details. We’ve tracked how sportswear comes with a new retro impression on the garments evolving through to spring 2018. 3. Uptown Underground Grunge is cleaned up and paired with unexpected layers of lace, leather and graphics for a grown-up take on this traditionally edgier trend, with the mix of high-low styling essential to fulfill the look. The childhood cartoon or band T-shirt is macro-sized and placed centre front or spliced into a print. The post Summer Dressing- 3 Youth Catwalk Trends To Try Out Now appeared first on WGSN Insider.



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