At WGSN in addition to our trend forecasting service, we’ve expanded out into offering events that help bring the trends to life. With WGSN Futures Summit, the conference arm of our business, we’re travelling across the globe (we’ve already been to London, and the next stop is Hong Kong, before ending in New York later this year) to deliver events that bring our best trend experts and guest speakers to a city near you. WGSN Futures Hong Kong We explore the biggest issues affecting industries at the moment, from fashion to retail and beyond. The consumer is changing, the consumer is more vocal, authenticity affects your bottom line, and a robust social media strategy is a must, that we know. But with WGSN Futures, we go beyond these changes, delivering real actionable advice, and business insights on how to future-proof your business in this evolving global marketplace. Check out our list of guest speakers below: Simon P Lock – Founder and CEO of ORDRE.COM Simon Lock pulls on over 25 years of experience in the business of fashion to provide amazing insight into the future of the industry. As founder and CEO of ORDRE.COM, the definitive online B2B marketplace for the luxury, ready-to-wear fashion industry, he sees firsthand the digital disruption that’s taking place. Listen out for talks of interactive, VR catwalks and even mentions of profiling materials through radio waves. Perhaps the most ‘futuristic-sounding’ talk of the morning, this is one to totally geek out over – the future of fashion has never seemed more exciting. Pully Chau, COO, Cheil Greater China For WGSN, China could not be a more unique and exciting market. The award-winning Pully Chau, COO at Cheil Greater China, will be stopping in at WGSN Futures to tell us how best to use groundbreaking digital platforms (like WeChat) to connect with Chinese consumers. She will also identify the key Chinese consumer groups -that you absolutely cannot neglect. There’s an awful lot of content out there, happily Pully’s creative ideas and inspiration will cut through all the noise. Francis Wong, Executive Vice President, Global Creative Director WGSN It’s not just keynote speakers that will be providing insight and expert opinion at WGSN Futures, panel discussions are set to take place throughout the day – and there’s one in particular that we cannot wait to catch on Friday. Francis Wong, WGSN’s Executive Vice President, Global Creative Director, will be chairing what promises to be a provocative and timely panel debating ‘The Future of Creativity: The Honkers effect’. Some blame the cost of living and ever-increasing rents, others blame history itself. Either way, Hong Kong’s reputation as being home to a more ‘conservative’ consumer is hard to shake – and it’s deterred creative brands from breaking onto the market. In this panel, the most innovative, local brands sit alongside global representatives to debate how founded this reputation really is. Listen out for how local brands can use creativity as a strategy to survive and thrive in the Chinese market. Based in Hong Kong? It’s not too late to join us on July 14th for a vision of the future. Tickets available here. Like this author? Follow her here: @alicegividen The post WGSN Futures Hong Kong is Almost Here- Don’t Miss It appeared first on WGSN Insider.



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