Social media is the new store window. In 2o17, social shouldn’t just be an add on, it should be a key part of your business strategy – and the new wave of disruptive brands like Glossier and Everlane (with transparent pricing and models sourced from Instagram) prove that. Whether you’re a brand new start-up or an established brand – these are the things you need to be doing on Instagram now. Storytelling Instagram is the perfect place to tell your brand’s story – including humble beginnings and regular shout-outs to your burgeoning community. It’s not just enough to post products and images – you need to take your audience on a journey. Feature images with lengthy captions about inspiration, history and availability of a particular product, offering insight to those who might not otherwise know your brand history, or how your products came to be.. (this is the place to totally boast about starting in a warehouse… or celebrities that have become the face of your brand) Adidas Originals – Instagram storytelling Dropping a line about drops Your Instagram grid should be the place that your audience first hears about new products and can offer realtime feedback on each product drop too. Pay attention to the way you present new launches – good light and a flat lay has never been more important. When you’re promoting the product, offer details about its functionality and display key information such as availability, encouraging hypebeasts to get the product first or before it sells out – and if you’re a global company, localised drops with pricing and dates matters the most. Supreme – known for launch drops via Instagram Causes matter For Gen Z and millennials, their conscience influences their spending – so causes matter. Your social can be an extension of your brand ethics – whether you stand for gender equality and equal pay or LGBTQ rights. But, a word of warning: authenticity is key. Consumers know when brands are championing a cause to tick a box as opposed to genuinely caring about the issue and they’re not afraid to tell you in the comments section of your brand. SHHHOWERCAP -using Instagram to promote their brand’s ethics The post Three things your brand should be doing on Instagram now. appeared first on WGSN Insider.



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