Last week our fashion team headed over to the RCA fashion show 2017 in Chance Street, London. At WGSN we are obsessed with the new and the next, so a chance to see the rising talent from RCA is always one for our fashion diaries. It’s the moment we get to geek out about what the next generation of fashion talent have been cooking up for our eyes (and Instagram). Below our editors picked their favourite graduates to watch from the Royal College of Art Fashion Show, read on for more. Womenswear- Yvonne Lin A focus on detail, cut and shape were all important for Lin when it came to creating her womenswear collection that you’ll want to adore up close. We enjoyed seeing cut-outs: a key trend, and how Lin played around with the ideal of covering the body and simultaneously exposing key areas of the female form, a shoulder here, a flash of waist there. Womenswear Knit- Christine Tantiwa Kinson If you think of beige cardigans and sweaters when it comes to knitwear thing again. The ultimate optical illusion, Kinson’s collection was an ode to neon and the sense of movement you can create with knitwear. This would not look unusual in a 80s nightclub, and it was great to see knitwear not as a static piece of fabric, but moving with ease, so that the women who rocks it can make all the moves she wants to in it. Menswear- Seunghee Lim There are very few designers who would call out ready made pasta as inspiration, but that was one of the things that endeared us to Lim. Beyond the love of ready meals though, it was the designs that kept us hooked, a stunning collection of clothes that do more. In this age, fashion has to go beyond simply clothing us, and so it was great to see Lim play with the idea of coats that come with backpacks attached and jackets lined with secret pockets, plus the oversized shapes feel perfect for our rather turbulent times. Menswear Knit- Lucy Haugh A celebration of volume, Haugh took knitwear to new heights with her collection. The bulky shapes were a bit reminiscent of Rei Kawakubo, and it was nice to see black models showcasing the designs (combating fashion’s diversity problem). Like fellow designer Graces Wales Bonner, we get a sense that Haugh is obviously intrigued with changing the perception of who should wear certain clothes and who can look beautifully regal in different designs. Excited to see more from her. Rising star (and made for Instagram)- Sophie Condren Condren is one to watch, she presented more than just a fashion show, she created a stage for her designs, plus there was a mini film and book too, proving that she understands that a designer has to do more to extend her reach and expose viewers to her designs. We were very impressed with her business nous, how she uses design to explore gender stereotypes and aesthetics that look ideal for social media. The post Royal College of Art Fashion Show 2017: 5 Graduates to Watch appeared first on WGSN Insider.



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