The resort collections are their own rare beast, their main aim is to clothe you adequately for warm temperatures and make you dream of all the lovely things you want to pack for your next holiday. And for luxury design houses, these collections provide yet another reason to stand out and make their mark, competing with fast fashion and Instagram. This season Versace took the challenge head on with a collection that was an ode to social media and the 2016 Pantone colours of Rose Quartz and Serenity, so if you thought Millennial Pink was over think again. Soft pop colours provided the perfect background to classic pieces which also feed into the colour theme, though developing it further as we’ve predicted with purple coming for Millennial Pink’s crown. Here are the key style lessons from the collection: 1. Embrace contemporary design on graphic lace This striking use of colour, with global pattern influences make this design stand out. The knit is actually graphic lace with a sporty modern influences, and offered up in a dreamy two piece. 2. 80s Miami Vice Think clashing colours and power shoulders 3. Purple is about to have a moment Taking over from Millennial Pink, we’re seeing soft purples and even a heavier magenta emerge. 4. Oversized shirts are here to stay We called them out as the key item for 2017 and this confirms their presence in 2018. 5. Black + Leather =Summer Versace defying the temperature laws, and catering to the resort consumer based in big cities who wants the perfect warm weather outfit to take her from day to night. The post Versace Resort Collection 2018: Insta-worthy style inspiration appeared first on WGSN Insider.


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