At WGSN, our colour reports are a key tool for designers, it’s fair to say that everyone wants to know what’s next after Millennial Pink? Well fear not, this S/S17 brings a fresh cluster of colours to get excited about. The overarching thing to remember is that purple will be increasingly important and will come to override pink as a key colour. This summer will also see the re-emergence of blue, not only as a core colour but as a fashion colour, too. It’s no surprise that after making a splash in the interiors world with new hues being developed (we wrote about that here), it’s now trickling over into fashion too. Brighter than ever? High chroma purples are coming Colour as a whole will be infused with the look and feel of the digital age (celebrating our current obsession with digital art, memes, GIFs and videos). Then continuing on for high summer, colour will be like a ray of sunshine, as the palette sweeps from the sea to the sand to the edge of the jungle. All this goes to show, that colours of a high Chroma/saturation are key to the SS17 season and new design tools like will help designers immensely, when it comes to exploring how to work with colour and achieve colour that hits the right hue. Magenta For more insight, and a dedicated breakdown of the key colours that will dominate S/S17, check out our key colours report at The report includes how these colours have evolved from the tones that came before them – and what they mean for your business. The post S/S 17 colours: High Chroma will be key, and is our obsession with pink fading? appeared first on WGSN Insider.



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