Here at WGSN HQ, I work as the Associate Editor of Retail & Buying- and a key part of my role is to keep up with the innovative and exciting ways retailers are working to keep their footfall high. This means travelling around Europe to scope out the shops and my latest trip took me to Spain. I saw some pretty cool visual merchandising ideas, and sought out the innovative retail strategies that brands and department stores are using to capture fans via Instagram, and make in-store shopping so inviting that consumers step out from behind the bookmarked shopping sites on their computer and head into stores. Check out my favourites below: The Sivasdescalzo concept store in Barcelona. Spanish retail: Sivasdescalzo concept store Forget your average sneaker display, the multi-sensory Sivasdescalzo flagship store in Barcelona offers up industrial concrete and strobe lit interiors – making the sneakers really shine.The new Mango flagship on Calle Serrano in Madrid. Spanish retail: Mango flagship A really amazing space, complete with a garden in the back – so calming! The visual merchandising here is all about helping consumers feel as if they are discovering an unexpected oasis in the new Mango flagship store in the heart of Madrid’s Salamanca district. It also fits with the Pantone Colour of the year: Greenery, and our obsession with plants and that back-to-nature feel. The H&M in Barcelona I know what you’re thinking, that if you’ve seen one H&M store, you’ve seen them all, but not so! This store is a dream to shop, plus it has a Flax & Kale inside-and a garden out the back. This is in keeping with what we are seeing in retail at the moment – the rise of stores that increase dwell time, so that the consumer has more to look at and shop. The post Spanish retail: These innovative store concepts should be on your radar appeared first on WGSN Insider.



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