At WGSN we called the Millennial Pink phenomenon way back in 2014 with our Soft Pop prediction, but it’s fair to say that the colour has now reached fever pitch! There isn’t a restaurant, bag or beauty product without a nod to the pink trend. So it makes sense then that the colour would extend to what you put on your feet. What we’re now seeing in the young women’s category is the rise of Millennial Pink offered on the type of sneakers that would traditionally have been categorised under men’s footwear, think: bulky kicks, with air bubbles that used to come in black and navy. As unisex fashion evolves it makes sense that streetwear is no longer for the boy’s, as active/urban clothing gets a dash of pink. Since streetwear is a core part of the consumer closet now (you don’t just wear your sweats on the weekend now, you wear them out to the club, and maybe even to the office-especially if you work in fashion) so details, fit and colour matter more than ever. In addition, young fashion has always placed an importance on cut-and-sew knitwear. We credit this burgeoning trend to the hoodies worn around the world in eye-catching pastels, championed by Hong Kong publication, Hypebae. US retailers have tapped in too, with Nordstrom recently having an in-store K-brand pop-up, bringing this global trend to full circle. The Hypebae phenomenon has gone mainstream and global, a key commercial trend for retailers (you can’t escape a high street store without this offering now, the cross between lounge and activewear). There is no doubt that celebrity collaborations such as Kanye West’s Yeezy and Rihanna’s Fenty Puma add hype to women’s sneakers, disrupting the footwear industry. The streetwear sneaker has replaced the It bag and shoe, with the #selfie now shifting focus to young women’s feet. And for those of you who just can’t stomach any more pink? Don’t worry. While Millennial Pink is tapped to stick around, baby blue and a sharp pastel lilac are also entering the scene. Cotton Citizen and Bianca Chandon’s Lover track set have an acidic overlay to their tones, while Opening Ceremony’s latest Esprit collaboration utilises the perfect powder blue for unisex knitwear. For more: subscribers can check out the Glocal Downtown Sport report on the main site (link here) The post Even your favourite sneakers cannot escape Millennial Pink fever appeared first on WGSN Insider.


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