Here at WGSN, we are always looking for the next leaders of tomorrow, so when an old colleague of mine asked if I would be FIT’s (Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC) kidswear critic for her senior class, I jumped on the chance to see what our future generation was up to. The critic role entailed class visits throughout the semester where I guided and lent a hand to the students from concept to final items chosen to be sent down to judging. I saw everything from teacup inspired embroideries to hand-painted experiments to perfectly pleated oyster tulle. It was actually quite difficult as you get invested in the students and their work that you just want to send everything down! I was once in college, and had to sew tirelessly for my final thesis so I appreciated all the hard work and love that went into the garments. Here are the top 4 kidswear designers to look out for: Jongah Nicole Lee-Critic Award Winner Jongah Nicole Lee Jongah was the winner of the Critic Award who created beautifully crafted garments including Intarsia hand-dyed fur, intricate curved seam details and hand-done floral embroidery. Inspired by her mom’s collection of London tea sets, she managed to make it incredibly modern and very wearable, definitely someone to look out for in the kidswear space. Paige Gilliland Paige Gilliland I was intrigued by Paige from the start as she first explained how she wanted to leave as little impact on the environment as possible while using beets, tea and berries to dye her cut-up thrifted items and leftover muslin materials. We will definitely need more people like this in the design space as we try to lessen the impact of the fashion industry on the planet. Lorena Ferri’s designs Lorena Ferri Lorena is a designer who knows what she wants and is incredibly determined and persistent. Her extraordinary girl’s occasionwear is delicate yet tough with complicated weave techniques alongside hand-beading and various pleating techniques. She will for sure be a great asset to any kids, junior or even womenswear company. Angelica Ryan’s kidswear design creations Angelica Ryan Last but not least, we have Angelica. From initial concepts to completed garments, she took in all the comments and considerations to improve, changing things as she went along allowing her ideas to build as we went along. Any good designer knows that changed are inevitable and having the ability to be malleable within your own designs is a very strong skill to possess. Overall the graduating class proved they are innovators and highly spirited individuals who will help shape kidswear in the years to come. The post Meet the talent of tomorrow: Kidswear designers in training appeared first on WGSN Insider.



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