Brazil’s Veste Rio is a fashion event not to be missed, especially because it offers up a great place to spot new design talent. WGSN’s Rio Manager, Luiza Nolasco headed to the busy week of shows, speeches and two important exhibitions (one on the top 10 new Brazilian talents and the other one focused on the resort collections) to get the lay of the land and research the most interesting emerging names. Here she gives us her top fashion designers to watch out for – remember their names! PARADISE Thomaz Azulay and Patrick Doering presented very beautiful women’s and menswear Summer 18 collections. Since the brand offers digital stamping as its USP, the main focus was matching tropical tailor shirts and pants/skirts, and also matching bathing suits and beachwear. The prints were very surrealistic, combining elements from classical art, jewellery, nature and Greek mythology. As expected, the accessories were a must-have: a collab with the upcoming accessory-brand Phrisma, they complement the Victorian style seen in many of the brand’s different collections. WYMANN Tropical Minimalism was Raquel Wymann’s main inspiration and she based her SS18 collection on the Carioca lifestyle, but using elements of the easy-wear European style. She brought to the catwalk a ready-to-wear collection, where knots and layers were key, not only for the architectural utility theme but as styling components. The prints were black and white, with minimalist silhouettes enhanced by complementary duos. HANDRED André Namitala used Alto Paraiso city as a reference for his collection. His inspiration was the spiritual movement of looking to your inner self in silence, seeking for peace and personal growth. To create the collection the designer looked back at local traditions such as the straw-sun hats along with farming influences using a palette of colours of soft green, white, grey and black, And for the prints he used the vine flowers and mushrooms as inspiration. No-gender was also a key theme in the collection. The brand presented many loose fitting robes, styled on both men and women, an element that gives a beautiful insight into his idea of genderless style and the future of fashion. The post Veste Rio: The rising design talent from Brazil’s biggest fashion event appeared first on WGSN Insider.



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