Right by the water in Brooklyn’s Red Hook area, is the studio and workspace of eco-designer Audrey Louise Reynolds. The space is an ode to soft Millennial pink and bright yellow clothes, which are drapped around the studio, all hand dyed with natural dyes by Reynolds. More surprisingly though, the soft luxe feeling tees, silk dresses and soft loungewear is super cool, Instagrammable and totally wearable, proof that eco-fashion has come on leaps and bounds from the stuffy, boxy green fashion on sale five-10 years ago. Audrey Louise Reynolds eco designer and Ulla Johnson collab Audrey Louise Reynolds’ ethos is to create clothes make you look and feel good ( great fashion, made in a great way) so that you can happily wear it out, and not worry about small children having made the clothes. The clothes are made with local artisans, and with nature in mind, think: rain coats made from recycled plastic, cashmere weaves, dragon fruit peels as natural dyes, rain printed prices, peace silk satins (no worms killed) etc. Audrey Louise Reynolds Fashion revolution In fact just this last Fashion Revolution Week Reynolds teamed up with the global campaign around who made your clothes by hosting an open studio visit, and showing how the consumer can get in on the action. In addition to her collection, and her collaborations with everyone from Jigsaw, Ulla Johnson and Helena Christensen on a charity line, she sells natural dye packets so that consumers can create their own eco-friendly dyed products (the natural dyes are scalable too, so clothing factories can use them or a group of friends). Fashion fact: she actually got her start by selling natural dyes (under her company ALR Dyeing) to popular fashion labels before branching out with her own collection. Audrey Louise Reynolds dyeing packs Reynolds has also taken the concept of fashion for good even further. She realised that fashion had a role, not just to undo the toxic effects of how clothes are made, but it could go even further and infuse the clothes will great properties – such as grey activated charcoal tees, or the yellow tees made with the antioxidant turmeric. For the capsule collection with Ulla Johnson, she even finished the pieces with a Reiki practice. The items go one step further than normal clothes, as Reynolds offers personalization and customization with her tees, and each one comes with a hand stitched label inside. Each Audrey Louise Reynolds piece is hand-made and unique. The collection can be found in shops like Bird, TenOverSix and Garmentory or on her website. www.alrdyeing.com The post Audrey Louise Reynolds’ collection will make you look and feel good appeared first on WGSN Insider. http://ift.tt/2p4WWnP

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