If you are looking for a fashion exhibition that is more parts art than it is fashion, one that will encourage you to think about what we’re communicating through what we put on our backs, may we present the Rei Kawakubo exhibition at the Met Museum. Rei Kawakubo is fashion’s recluse, she’s not going to be making an appearance on your Snapchat feed or even giving interviews to your favourite fashion magazines. She is not interested in being a ‘celebrity’ she wants to make clothes that sit apart from what you might see in your local high street store. She wants to create clothes that push boundaries and standard definitions (what is beauty? what is high end fashion? what is street wear?) and make you think about the role of fashion and clothes to protect, or to transform you into a walking sculpture. Luckily, Kawakubo agreed to the latest exhibition and so the general public get a chance to marvel in her magic. The show is set against a sparse white background, so that the creations are front and centre, and features pieces from her 1990s shows up to now. We got a press preview, so here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll see and even more reasons to grab a ticket asap. The exhibition runs from May 4th 2017 – Sept 2017. Grab tickets here. Our Trend Consultant @rachael2d2 says: If you understand it, you’re probably looking at it wrong. Rei Kawakubo’s work gains its infamy from her ability to confuse and bifurcate those observing the clothing—this is exactly why the exhibition’s title “Art of the In-Between” fits so well. This collection brings forth the dichotomy of Clothes vs. Not Clothes. #metkawakubo #metgala #reikawabuko #commedesgarcons A post shared by WGSN (@wgsn) on May 1, 2017 at 3:05pm PDT This selection from #reikawakubo ‘s Installation celebrates the freedom that comes from a lack of formal training. Kawakubo instead relied on her sense of intuition and feeling, often inspired by everyday objects such as crumpled paper. These garments consist of patchworked and layered unbleached raw cotton, representing the non-design within her designs. The post Why the Rei Kawakubo exhibition at the Met Museum is a must-see appeared first on WGSN Insider. http://ift.tt/2psldXs

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