In this modern day and age, aesthetics are everything and if it’s not Insta-worthy, it’s not worth our time. Innovators are expanding on this idea by looking into every area of our lives, even to our teeth. Not all of us are as obsessed with dental hygiene as Eva Chen (the fashion maven is known for waxing lyrical on her Insta-feed about the importance of good teeth), so several companies are changing the way we look at dental care by modernising a formerly mundane, thoughtless task and making it cool – appealing to the modern Millennial. No Toothpaste? No problem. Misoka toothbrush Japanese creator Kosho Ueshima has designed a new toothbrush called Misoka that can be used as a standalone product. That’s right: no toothpaste necessary. Ueshima partnered with nanotech company Yumeshokunin Co. LTD to create the toothbrush, placing nano-sized mineral ions on the bristles of the toothbrush which are swished around the mouth with water. “Misoka” means “end of the month” in Japanese, indicating how often the toothbrush needs to be replaced to keep your teeth fresh and stain-free. The shape and look of the plastic brush is inspired by water, making it look significantly more appealing to look at than your average pharmacy bought toothbrush. The Essential Toothbrush- Quip Continuing with toothbrushes, Quip was created to fit into your modern lifestyle and do the basics better. Pushing goods instead of gimmicks, Quip has been designed to solve all of your dental hygiene needs. Soft bristles with rounded tips protect your gums and teeth from damage, the small head gets into hard-to-reach places, and the flat design evenly distributes pressure across the gums and keeps the bristles from wearing out too quickly. The handle is lightweight and made to be easy to maneuver around the mouth. When was the last time you changed your toothbrush? Maybe not the easiest question to answer. Quip helps you with this by delivering a new toothbrush head every three months, which is the recommended amount of time in between toothbrush changes. Thoughtful design and a sleek appearance blend to create the perfect toothbrush for your overlooked dental needs. Not your Average Dentist’s Office Presenting last night at NYU about how @grandstreetdental started from nothing and became something, using honesty, aesthetics, and true engagement to build a following. Thanks for having me! See you next time! #Repost @gggdentistry ・・・ @grandstreetdental talks about more of an authentic, aesthetic and human aspect of dentistry – curating your patient pool based on your likes, hobbies and true personality- showing the real, honest you…to make your patients more comfortable before they even step in your office and to keep contact with them even after treatment plans are completed. Aesthetics, authenticity and relationships over glam. . . . #D1 #dentalschool #NYU #NYUCD #NYUDentistry #NYUCD2020 #2020 #classof2020 #dentistry #odontologia #studentdentist #studentdoctor #student #dentist #office #newyorkcity #newyork #NYC #NY #manhattan #kipsbay #gramercy #Williamsburg #photography #iphonesia #dentalphotography #socialmedia A post shared by Dr. Jennifer Plotnick (@grandstreetdental) on Apr 20, 2017 at 4:43am PDT Highlighted by New York Magazine, Dr. Jennifer Plotnick is your friendly neighbourhood dentist at Grand Street Dental. Her office strays away from the stereotypical dentist office vibe, looking more like a design studio complete with modern art hanging on the walls and succulents basking in the window. And if you think that your visit ends with a bucket of Listerine and vague promise of a follow up appointment, think again. Instead customers are treated to branded artisanal floss made with coconut oil. All in all Grand Street Dental embraces our common desire to be in places that are visually pleasing, not letting the dentist’s office be an exception to the rule. Plotnick has also extended her Millennial appeal to Grand Street Dental’s Instagram page, with artful still lifes and crisp photos of the office and staff at work. Few pictures of teeth are actually on the feed, while the images are captioned with dental facts and tips. In fact the brand’s social strategy so striking that Dr. Jennifer Plotnick was invited to NYU to talk about how she uses it to stand out in the dentistry field and educate people about their teeth. Grand Street Dental is changing the way you think about those undesirable dentist visits by making the office pleasant and serene, as well as up to par with every other venue you choose to visit on a daily basis. Like this contributor? Follow Cassandra on Instagram here. The post The New Dental Health for our Instagram Age- No Filter Needed appeared first on WGSN Insider.



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