Wireless, on-the-go lamps are a highlight at the 2017 edition of Euroluce – the biyearly international lighting event within Milan’s Salone del Mobile – as brands respond to a growing need for flexibility, confirming that homes are becoming an increasingly mobile concept. Santa & Cole Smaller spaces and ever-changing lifestyles are leading brands to provide consumers with practical designs that can easily adapt and cater to multiple needs. Alongside space-saving solutions, flat-pack furniture and multifunctional objects, portable lamps are a major focus for interiors companies this year and are advancing rapidly due to battery improvements and low-energy innovations. Artemide Most products are advertised as home solutions, blurring the line between spaces and allowing consumers to freely move illumination across rooms, from the garden to the kitchen to the dining table. The product also presents opportunities for restaurants and hospitality brands, which can use nomadic lamps to add a customizable element to the dining experience. Davide Groppi Designs are sophisticated and design-led, focusing on simple silhouettes and crafted details – key trends that are in line with their wired counterparts. Handles and gripping elements are still present yet leave space for stripped-back, essential structures that have almost an ethereal quality. Nendo x Flos Marset Established designers and smaller brands are all investing in this product category, with highlights including Nendo’s new piece for Flos, and Marset’s small light, which comes with a magnet in the base, allowing it to attach to any metallic surface. WGSN Lifestyle & Interiors subscribers will be able to view all of our coverage from Milan Design Week – including a specific report on the key trends to emerge from Euroluce – shortly after the show wraps. The post Charge & go: Nomadic lamps take over at Euroluce 2017 appeared first on WGSN Insider. http://ift.tt/2nRBEJI

from Umbelas.com http://ift.tt/1Ioewak


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